Prophetic Birthing Chambers: God said I am standing in your way in this current Season.

Prophetic Birthing Chambers 03-02-2015
There is a Angel standing in front of you, trying to resist you from going down that path way. What is disguised to look attractive is literally a trap of the enemy. Donot follow your natural senses. Ignoring the lead and prompting of the Holy Spirit could cause great pain in the near future.
There are pitfalls that I am trying to help you avoid. I am teaching you wisdom and discernment. If you allow your flesh to dictate to you. If you sow to the flesh you shall reap from the flesh. Sow and follow the leading of the Holy Spirit and you shall alleviate unnecessary problems in the future.
Your flesh is very deceiving. Allow my Spirit to guide and lead you into all truth. Watch the choices that you make over the next 6 months. I am standing in your way for a reason. My plan shall supersede your plans. I will block things that will take you off of course. Stay on course. I am developing your Spiritual senses so that you can discern the Flesh from the thing's of the Spirit.
Donot fall for the trap. It is a trap from the enemy. I have not sent that person to you. They are a Spiritual imposter.
Prophetess Bridgette Whitby

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