Spiritual Betrayal 

I was awakening early this morning and the word Spiritual Betrayal resonated in my Spirit. I immediately had an open vision of Jesus sitting at the table with his disciples. The second open vision was when Judas betrayed Jesus and kissed him on the cheek and sold the Christ for thirty pieces of silver. I begin to ponder on incidences of betrayal that I have experience over the last four of my life. The spirit of God began to open up and reveal the assignment of betrayal and its divine purposes in the hand of God. Please go on this short journey with me as I explain betrayal from a Spiritual and Divine perspective.

Betrayal is defined as : the on-line dictionary gives us the following:

a. To give aid or information to an enemy of; commit treason against: betray one's country.

b. To deliver into the hands of an enemy in violation of a trust or allegiance: betrayed Christ to the Romans.

2. To be false or disloyal to: betrayed their cause; betray one's better nature.

3. To divulge in a breach of confidence: betray a secret.

4. To make known unintentionally: Her hollow laugh betrayed her contempt for the idea.

5. To reveal against one's desire or will.

6. To lead astray; deceive. See Synonyms at deceive.

so deeply.


I write this letter from a place of being betrayed by people who was so close to my heart. I cannot mention any names at this time, God will expose every enemy. I first want to warn people to know people after the spirit and not after the flesh. The Spirit of a man or woman is the true person (real person). Do not enter relationships with people until you know who they are or claim to be. The Scriptures Declares " No them that Labor among you".

That does not mean to familiarize yourself with that persons' according to the flesh, but knowing them by the Spirit man. As the Body of Christ you must be aware of the Spiritual Imposter's that exist within your home, churches, families, and workplace. The assignment of the enemy is to get close to you, and ultimately destroy your destiny, purpose, and everything that is divine connected to you. It is critical that you obtain Wisdom and Knowledge from the Father God who know all things. Lets establish some foundational principles, when I refer to people please understand that I am referring to the Spirit that has sent them on an divine assignment.

Our goal and objectives is not to attack the person but to discern the spirit that is behind them. Just like God have instruments for his Kingdom so does our enemy/opponent has people sent on a strategic assignment to perform his will. Jesus is the perfect example of someone who understood the feelings of betrayal, from someone who was sat with him and even had personal fellowship with. Judas kissed the Master on his cheek, but it was a setup from heaven that this man would be used by the enemy in order to set forth the divine order that was executed in heaven before the foundation of the world. Judas was chosen to be the vessel that would sell our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for thirty pieces of silver.

I am sure that it hurted the Master's heart when he experienced betrayal amongst his 12 disciples. The whole thesis's of the Bible is that no man who ever perish; that all men would repent of their sins. The greatest life learning lesson is to examine the behavior and response of Jesus Christ as he experienced betrayal in his ministry. When Judas betrayed Jesus his words was do what you do quickly. The Prophetic Mantle on Jesus knew what the divine assignment was pertaining to Judas. Jesus Christ had discernment in order to decipher what God was sent and what was sent by the enemy. Jesus never hated Judas or became bitter with him. Jesus understood the purpose of God in this instance.

Jesus understood the sting of betrayal and deception. Judas had to betrayal Christ so that he could go to the cross and bring Redemption to Mankind. This instance of betrayal was divinely appointed in order for the purposes of God to be established in the heavens and earth. Many of you have experienced betrayal in the last 2-4 years that was actually assigned by the hand of God. Betrayal can play a part in the divine orchestration of God.

Those of you that are suffering from betrayal in this very season, look at the life of Jesus Christ in order to give you strength to move pass the pain and disappointment that one may experience once encountering betrayal. Our Spiritual enemies are designed to do one of two things to the believer that is push us from God or move us closer to God and his purpose. How do you handle the Wick Sting of Betrayal and Deception? Christ is our prime example and he understood the Spiritual assignment of this instance of betrayal.

You must gain the strength to overcome and forgive those that have hurt you to the core of your inner being. I have consciously made a choice to move forward at all cost, through the pain, hurt, disappointment, lose of things, and lose of people that I true cared about.

The enemy desires to make you bitter and angry at the person who hurted you so deeply. Take the anger and directed it at the real source and his name is Satan. Forgive and release that person quickly!!!!! Holding negative feelings and hatred can contaminate you spirit, soul, and body. Leadership within the Body of Christ must educate the people of God about betrayal and it awful sting that can impact the believer's whole life.

Where are the watchmen? That is called to watch out for the enemies and wolves that will try and infiltrate the Body of Christ. So many Saints of God are bitter by their experiences and fail to understand and comprehend the lessons behind the trial. My experiences make me better and not bitter. These experiences qualify me to be able to deal with future situations with wisdom, knowledge, and understanding. Sometimes your tests are sent through suffering and we must learn to suffer through it all and not allow the Spirit to be contaminated by our bad experiences.

My pain and disappointment qualifies me for the next level and dimensions and enables to minister from the word of God not just from a head knowledge perspective but from a place of experience. We must seek wholeness at all cost and receive healing from our painful experiences. Release those who have hurt you so deeply. Understanding that this test or trial was designed to Capulet you and I to the next level, if we follow the correct procedure and protocol. This lesson was divinely setup to move me to the next level of greatness, prosperity, wealth, physical health, authority, dominion, and true divine relationships that are ordained by God and not the enemy. My heart cry in this hour is to forgive and allow God to bring vengeance upon his enemies.

The pain that I have experienced is almost beyond the human imagination, but God has kept me through all of this pain, hurt, and even physical danger. I am persuading you to ask God for the Spirit of discernment to be able to discern who people are in your life. Realizing that some people are sent from the enemy and some people are sent from the Almighty God. You must have wisdom and discernment in order to deal with the people that are sent by the enemy. God desires to Save even our enemies if they will turn from there wick evil ways and repent. It will take wisdom, knowledge and understanding in order to minister to the people who you know have come to destroy and devastate. Inevitably that is the work of a true Christian, to see past the assignment and see the spirit and it needs for true salvation....


In conclusion my brethren and beloved brothers and sisters we are in a hour where we must walk in Spiritual discernment. This is a Strategic Key for those who are dealing with Betrayal issues *** please remember that we are not wrestling against flesh and blood it is a Spiritual assignment. It is critical that we understand what spirit is trying to attack us so that we can do battle in the Spiritual Realm. Recognizing your enemy is critical to defeating his strategies and spiritual assignments in your life. “I can remember some time ago when the Father showed me this person who betray me years before it even came to pass. The initial blow and sting still scared me very deeply but it prepared me to be able to understand what was going to take place in the near future.


  1. It took me sometime to write this letter, because I continue to battle the spirits of unforgiveness that would try and eundate my spirit. I choose to forgive, forgiveness is a choice and not a feeling...... I bless everyone that has betrayed me.

  2. If you are a Chrisitan, you have no other choice but to forgive those who have hurt you. The Scriptures declares that in order for God to forgive us we must actively forgive those who have hurt us. I have expereinced the Church hurt and devastion from the people who say they no God.... I have learned to walk in a spirit of constant forgiveness..

  3. This is powerful and on time. My God. Confirmation at its best. Glory to Glory. God will get the victory. Using everything, amen.
    I needed to read this. I am falling flat on my face and repenting and asking for true spiritual discernment...

  4. Thank You my Dear Friend Justice for visiting my Blog. You are always welcome. I pray that you receive love, comfort, confirmation, inspiration, encouragement, and the authenticate Blessings of God.