I Shall Turn You Mourning into Dancing Saith the Lord God: Apostolic & Prophetic Birthing Chambers: Apostle Bridgette Jones

In the following scripture Psalm 30:11 you turned my wailing into dancing: you removed my sackcloth and clothed me with Joy... The Keys in this Scripture Turned, Wailing, Dancing, Removed my sackcloth, and clothed me with Joy. Just focus God is about to Turn some things around for you in your Life....... The Hour of the Turning has already begun Saith the Lord. In the Realm of the Spirit these things has happened you are just waiting for the Natural Manifestation in the natural realm. 

This Strategic Turn will cause your Wailing which is symbolic of (Cry of Pain, grief, and anger). There are some things that have caused you Great Pain and Grief in this Last season of your Life. God is going to turn this Cry of pain into Joy...... Notice God used the word Turn. And suddenly that Cry of Pain shall no longer bring you grief and turmoil. Your Joy shall be turned in this New Season. For many of you have lost your Joy due to the Pain, Grief, and anger. This pain has put you in a very dark place in your Life. When you wake up there is a Cloud of Darkness that is associated with the Cry of your Pain, I am Turning this situation Saith the Lord. You shall dance and be filled with Joy in this New Season of Your Life. And suddenly you shall break out into a Season of Joy and your Mourning shall be turned into dancing. 

Another Key God promises to Remove the Sackcloth clothing and clothe you with Joy........ God is taking off the Cloths of Pain, Grief, and anger.......... God said you have worn the garments of Sadness, Depression, Anger, and the Cry of your pain has come up before my Throne. ..... I am exchanging those cloths Saith the Lord and I am Clothing you with Joy........ Your Joy shall overflow in me Saith the Lord............. Let me take off the sackcloth clothes from your Life and Cloth you with my Joy....... For many of you shall over-burst in such Great Joy in this new Season...... I am removing the burdens that has Caused you Great Pain and grief in your Life. No Longer shall you wear these garments.......... See yourself walking in your season of Joy and Victory.......... I am going to change even your countenance and many of you shall wear a new face that is anointed with my presence. Your Joy shall overflow in every area of your Life.

I am sensing as I am writing this letter to you that there are thousands of people that are not sleeping at night because of the Cry of Pain, Anger and Grief. For many of you have not had a good night sleep in years because of the sack-cloths. God said you are going to have Sweet Sleep No longer shall your sleep be interpreted because of the Cry of Pain. This Joy that is about to hit your life is going to cause you has encountered Sweet Sleep.......... No Longer Saith the Lord shall your sleep be restless and broken. I hear your Cries Saith the Lord and your tears are in a bottle each and everyone that you cry. I have not forgotten about you. Your Mourning shall be turned into dancing......................

Apostle Bridgette Jones 
May 29, 2013
4:49 am

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