Apostolic and Prophetic Dimensions " Birthing Chambers"

In this season many of you will experience spiritual acceleration in you spiritual, personal, professional, economic, mental, and emotional part of your lives. What would take you years to accomplish will take place in matters hours, days, months and years? I am moving at an accelerated rate because many of you are a little behind your spiritual time. Just be ready to do things that are out of the normal, some things will not always make sense to the natural but I am moving by my Spirit.

These are the two enemies that you should watch out for in this season and for the next several seasons to come and even throughout the end of 2012. The spirit of confusion and distractions will be your two greatest enemies. Do not let the spirit of confusion and distractions come and remove you from your spiritual place. These two Spirits will be the strongest enemies that will try to rear there head in this new season. Hear, trust, and obey. You will hear my voice just respond with obedience quickly. Some of you are in a place of waiting so this place is a Spiritual holding Chamber that is meant to transition you to the next level. Things look as if they are not moving but I am moving behind the scenes.

I am rearranging and set up divine appointments and moving people, things, and places cynically together. Get ready to shift very quickly, shift, shift, shift, shift your minds from Egypt and prepare to move to your Promise Land. Things look dead according to the natural realm, but I am developing a people that will cross over the Jordan and take their rightful place in my Kingdom. And things shall suddenly happen in the next 6 mos. Some people will leave out of your life willing and some shall be taken by death. I have waited long enough I am calling forth a people that will stand and do my will in the midst of a world that is falling apart. You shall shine forth O Zion" Arise from your place of devastation and shame.

It is an unusual time and my Government must be established in the earth. I am moving across the nations to build and structure my Kingdom. For many people will fall away in this next season of your life. Please do not be alarmed or dismayed. I am setting the pieces and the people in your life by divine order. The order has shifted in the Spiritual realm. Set your house in order. Only those who have my true authenticate order will be able to walk in dominion and authority in my Kingdom. Judge yourselves and remove the leaven from your hearts. You cannot progress to the new level holding on to things that are dead, in this hour. Free yourself and make yourself available to my purpose and plans. Some of you will shift in another total different location. Make ready my Bride and cleanse your hands and hearts from filthiness. Only the pure in heart will walk in the place of intimacy and holiness.

Remove the limitations that you place upon me take me out of your small box. You limit me from expanding and revision when the spirit of limitation is present in your spiritual heart and mind. I am looking for some people that would dare to believe the impossible. I am looking for people who will demonstrate my authority, government, Dominion and power in this upcoming Season. O ye of little faith, increase your faith in me taking off the chains that bind and hinder you from stepping into the Supernatural Overflow.

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  1. I am ready to take off and go the next level. I need a change so desperately in my life. Lord awaken the Prophetic and Apostolic Dreams down on the inside of me. I receive this word, you spoke Life to me, and I receive the restoration and healing in this season. I am crossing over people of God.................