“God said that Situation that you have been struggling with is About to Turn Around for you “!!!! You’re Season of Sadness and Depression is coming to a Quick end”!!!! These Obstacles was Used to build your Strength and Courage in me!!! God said I have allowed some people to fail you so that you would put all of your Trust in me Saith the Lord”!!!! Even though the Trials has been fierce I am going to reward your Faithfulness and diligence!!

That Struggle is going to bring me Glory Saith the Lord!!!! Your Season of Disappointment shall be turned into Great Joy!!!!! In this Season you will Laugh Saith the Lord!!!!! Your Joy shall be overfilled!!!!! God said Take Great Courage in this Hour!!!!!!!!! This Test was ushered from my Saith the Lord stop blaming the Enemy because I have had to test your Faith in me Saith the Lord!!!!!!!!!!!!

Your Enemies shall see your Elevation in me Saith the Lord!!!!!!!!Take Great Joy when you Fall into divers trials because the working of your Faith is being tested in this Hour!!!!!!!! I Have Placed the Champion Anointing inside of you!!!!!!! Rise from a place of discouragement and Champion over everyone of your enemies in this Hour Saith the Lord!!!!! I have already Turned Your Situations Saith the Lord!!!!!!!! " Shout the Victory " !!!! Now Saith the Lord 

By: Apostle Bridgette Jones!!!!!!!

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